Liquor plays big role in the economical growth in our country.

Liquor is the source, which creates a big role and also makes a growth in the economic system in India. 

Kizansh Group is a private manufacturing company in India, which provides you with International Liquor in Indian processes. And famous for its Premium Whisky Brand, which they make from selective grain. 

Kizansh Group has a team of experienced professionals who have worked in various industries, and have a wealth of knowledge & expertise in Business and Finance.  

They provide you with the best opportunity for investment and distribution plans at district and state levels, with a huge amount of profit. 

In the previous year, they made around an installed capacity of 14.4 million bulk liters (BL) per annum. And, now they are targeting the capacity increase from 28.8 million bulk liters to 70 million bulk liters, per annum.

In every zone because Kizansh is serving in PAN INDIA and the Global platform. And as of now serve more than 20 lakhs of spirits in India. 

The company seems to focus on serving clients in the Middle East, South East, North South India, and North Africa (MENA) region, although in the states and they provide services globally. 


In this industry, they consist overall various types of segments, including spirits, beer, whisky, and wine. 

Kizansh Group seems to be a reputable company that offers a broad range of services to help businesses achieve their financial and strategic goals.  

In India, the Liquor industry significant contributor the role to the country's economy and growth over all years.


One of the key drivers of the growth of the Indian Liquor Industry, which rising the disposable incomes of the county's middle class. 

It has to led to increasing demand for premium brands and high-end Liquor brands. 

They addiction the popularity of the growing industry and contributed the social drinking and changing consumer tastes. 


In India, the liquor industry has also subject to strict regulations and laws governing its production, distribution, and sale. So, in such a state India has laws and regulations for the sale and consumption of liquor, with a heavily taxed industry. 

It has been concerned about the negative social and health impacts of alcohol consumption with led to a call for tighter regulation and restriction of liquor. As per the market research, Kizansh Group noticed all these topics and concerns for the consumer that might be helped full for people and also know about your budget. 

Which does not hamper your health and pocket, which comes under the budget of the middle-class consumer of liquor. 

Despite these challenges, In Indian liquor industry is expected to continue the growth trajectory in the upcoming years. It helps to increase urbanization, changing lifestyles, and a growing population. 












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